About the Video Game Name Generator!


Now with an awesome brand new layout! Thanks Karla! If you notice any issues with it, please email me (my email is at the bottom of this page).

Originally developed to fill in data for a college database project (thanks Professor Hammer!) the VGNG has blossomed over the last 5 years (through a few different forms) into the lovable little program you see on this website today.


520 1st words/phrases
350 2nd words/phrases
410 3rd words/phrases
Approx. 74 million distinct possible names
Longest name currently: The Harlem Globetrotters: of Might and Magic Crime Scene Investigation
Shortest name currently: 3D (or DJ) DJ (or 3D) X (or Z)

If you'd like to use the VGNG on your website, feel free! If you want to make your own version (or make a better one for me ;) ), the wordlist is called video_game_names.txt, and the syntax should be simple enough to figure out (three wordlists separated by dashes, with dupe protection listed after the "^" and separated by pipes "|".) I only ask that, if you copy the VGNG for your site, please don't use it for any profit-generating purpose (charging for it or selling ads), and include a link back to this site.

Thanks go out to many folks:

-- Matt Belcher:  your original program is the reason this thing exists, and the current HTML 5 version you made with tweetability is awesome :)

-- Karla Pamanes:  the page redesign is great, thanks!

-- The SomethingAwful goons:  for your MSPaints, word/phrase suggestions, coding expertise, and the first actual VGNG game competition

-- SA goon svaha:  you helped so much with words and phrases that you deserve to be called a co-creator!

-- SA goons mantaworks and Reo:  for coding the previous Flash version

-- The FEFEA crew (especially TheRedEye):  for lots of awesome word/phrase suggestions

-- The TIG forums:  for your crazy game competition; there's too many to thank individually, but I definitely got a kick out of a lot of the games posted :)

-- André Silva:  for making the favicon, providing feedback and bug reports, telling me the longest/shortest names, and also inspiring me to get the current VGNG version made

-- criptych:  for making the Android app

-- Steve Maier:  for making the Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps (contact at Steve.Maier AT microsoft DOT com)

-- And all the other people who have contributed to this over the years

Send feedback to solamen2 AT hotmail DOT com.